Season Two

October 2018 - May 2019


Oct. 2018
Season 2 Opening Party (miami, fl)

Exclusive event for partners, sponsors and ambassadors to celebrate the new season and reveal the completed Calendar. 



November 01 - 30 | 2018
Solo Project Ivan Grilo: Residency program at AnnexB (Brooklyn, NYC)

Artist: Ivan Grilo

  • Walk + Art Talk | Downtown Miami

  • Workshop with public middle school students in Portuguese program

  • Residency program in NYC in partnership with AnnexB



November 28 | 2018
The55Project Speakers Series (Arte Fundamental, Miami)

An initiative from The55project, sponsored by Piquet Law Firm, in collaboration with BACCF (Brazilian Chamber of Commerce), cultural support from Centro Cultural Brazil-USA and Arte Fundamental.

 As part of our mission to incite public dialogue and integrate people through art, we are pleased to announce the following speakers and topics:

Sponsored by Piquet Law Firm in collaboration with Brazilian- American Chamber of Commerce and Centro Cultural Br-USA


February | 2019
Solo Project: Liene Bosque (Miami, FL)

Artist: Liene Bosque

Conversation + Art Walk
Project in collaboration with Downtown Miami



March |2019
Book Launch | Anonymous: Sons of God. (Miami, FL)


Anonymous, an artistic bridge to make people aware that regardless of our race, religion, beauty, nationality, sex, social class, profession, age, culture, sexual orientation, hierarchical level, we are all equal, we are all children of God. Yes, we are anonymous, but we all feel the same joys, sorrows, laughter, tears, victories, achievements, losses, gains, thoughts, desires and dreams.  

march | 2019
Special project: Art & Fashion Event (Miami, FL)

Fashion Show | Art Talk | Experience
Ronaldo Fraga: The Secret Notebook of Cândido Portinari
Featuring Joao Portinari
In collaboration with Instituto Candido Portinari


Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 8.49.35 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-07-17 at 7.27.44 PM.png

April | 2019
Miami, FL

Group Exhibit
Brazilian Art Exhibition
Curator: Jennifer Inacio, Assistant Curator at PAMM

April | 2019
Perez Art Museum Miami and De La Cruz Collection

Museum Tour for The55Project guests

Screen Shot 2018-07-17 at 7.28.30 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-07-17 at 7.37.36 PM.png

May 08 | 2019
Broward Center for the Performing Arts Fort Lauderdale, FL

Focus Brazil The55Project Visual Arts Conference
Workshop + Visual Arts Panels & Speakers


Season One

November 2017 - May 2018


Nov. 2017
Kick-off party (Miami, fl)

A strong start to our inaugaral season. Event was in the honor of our sponsors, partners, and ambassadors. By invitation only. 






Nov. 2017
Artist residency - mateu velasco (Brooklyn, NY)

Brazilian artist Mateu Velasco was selected by AnnexB in NYC for their inaugural residency program. Supported by The55project.

Mateu Velasco is an emerging fine artist who started in the world of street and grafitti art. He is trained in Graphic Design, having received a Bachelor's and Master's from PUC in Rio de Janeiro. His technical mastery and unique vision have been called upon to shape major ad campaigns for presitigous and innovative brands including: Nike, Converse, & Ambev.


Art talk at the lab miamI (Wynwood, FL)

The Art Talk focused on three topics: New Trends in Contemporary Art, Art + Activism, and Miami Art Week. Curators and critics provided art enthusiasts, professionals and collectors with the tools they need in today's dynamic art market.


Feb. 2018
{Abrace o brasil} Photo exhibition (Miami, fl & New york city, NY)

In a campaign to make philanthropy go viral, The55project partnered with the BrazilFoundation to host a social art even promoting Brazilian photographers. Our goal was to encourage a culture of giving among Brazilians and help civic organizations in Brazil continue to fulfill their mission to promote social inclusion.  100% of proceeds go to the organization.  


March 2018
LAND+BODY=Escape (Miami, FL)

15 artists were carefully curated by independent curator Tatiane Schilaro to exhibit in LAND+BODY=Escape. VIP Opening March 9th & General Opening Party March 10th. 


APRil 2018
Book installation (Doral, fl)

Led by Fernanda Frangetto (sculptor), who has been exhibiting her work throughout the US since she first came to Miami in 1991. The artist worked with children on a book installation at Doral Elementary School - her focus was to bring art to public schools and encourage children to participate in creating works of art within their learning enviornment. 


APRIL 2018
"When the light of my eyes meets yours" (miami, Fl)

Organized by Grazi Gadia (artist) and supported by Eye Contact with Autism Project & The55project.


May 2018
NARS Foundation open call - Land+body=Escape curated by tatiane schilaro (Brooklyn, nY)

The exhibit supported by The55project and others was entered into the NARS Foundation's 2018 Curatorial Open Call on behalf of Tatiane Schilaro. The show and the original 15 participating artists were happily selected to exhibit at the NARS space from May 11 - June 1 2018.

The second edition of the exhibit premiered in Brooklyn on May 11th.


may 2018
Guided tour at the PErez art museum

PAMM tour led by curator Jenn Inacio. Joined by artists and art professionals, Inacio led a small group of art enthusiasts through the 



May 2018
Pop-up Exhibition by mateu velasco (NYC, NY)

Mateu explores a dialogue with New York City in the artworks he created during his residency at AnnexB. Hosted by Galleria NYC and supported by The55project. 

May 2019
Art CONFERENCE at the Broward center for performing arts (Ft. lauderdale, fl)

A one-day conference full of conversations, keynote speakers, panels with audience of visual artists, curators, news media, gallery owners, art dealers, cultural promoters, interior designers/architects and visual arts loers in general. The goal is to bring together bright minds with provocative conversations.

Broward Center for the Performing Arts_0.jpg

May 2018
The55project conference At the broward center for the performing arts (Ft. lauderdale, fl)

The55project hosted an Art Conference with several panel discussions during Focus Brazil and Award Week. 

Focus Brazil is an event dedicated to discussing various topics and aspects of Brazil's international presence adn the Brazilian community abroad.