The55project’s mission is to promote Brazilian visual artists and cultural projects in the United States through solo projects, collective exhibitions, public art projects, educational programs and talks, creating opportunities for a dialogue between artists and local communities. 

The project embraces the diversity found in Miami and New York City to create a partnership with organization that have the same focus to educate, inspire and motivate their multicultural population by showcasing the artistic influences in the visual arts.  

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Looking Back at Season One...

In our inaugural season (2017'-2018), The55project worked with 45 artists, conducted 2 visual workshops, 1 artist residency, released 5 press statements, arranged 2 art exhibitions in 2 cities, curated 3 pop-up exhibitions, and invited 18 speakers to art talks and conferences. We've been able to grow our influence from Miami, to Fort Lauderdale, to New York City! 

In 2017-2018, we successfully brought 13 events to fruition in diverse communities eager to converge and share their passion for art and culture.



artists involved

45 talented Latin American artists participated in making our mission possible. 


art professionals involved

Participating in art talks and conferences, 18 professionals donated their time and wisdom for the improvement of the community.


16 events total!

From social gatherings to educational conferences and exhilarating art exhibitions - these events brought together diverse crowds within the community to share in a uniting love for art. 


The55 Founders

Maria Fulfaro and Flávia Macuco Pecego share a passion for Art and Business. Maria’s  experience in performing arts marketing and Flávia’s understanding of the art business and marketing allow them to conceive projects to benefit their community. They have over 10 years industry experience combined and are dedicated towards uniting diverse communities through art education and social projects.

Flávia Macuco Pecego

Flávia Macuco Pecego

Maria Fulfaro

Maria Fulfaro